Our teachers are very flexible and keep their own private schedule, which makes it easy for re-scheduling, busy school schedule changes, and permanent schedule changes. We know how busy life can be, and we aim to make it easy on your schedule!  

Private music lessons with our top notch music teachers are $21.00 per 30 minute lesson.




Performance opportunities are available for all of our music students.  Be sure to ask you teacher for details!

Meet the inspiring teachers in person and get yourself or your child started on a life long journey of musical learning. To schedule private lessons or a free 30 minute trial lesson and consultation call Motion Studio at 812-207-4434.


Meet out Amazing Music Teachers!

Jennifer Constantine, Music Instructor, 20 years teaching experience, from the outskirts of Detroit, started her music study at the age of four. She participated in dance, theatrical performances, skits, and choirs throughout her educational course. Her first music teacher, Makiko Jones [teacher, performer, published composer], from Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan, instructed her in piano for four years. When Makiko retired, Jennifer continued under the instruction of Lisa Azar, who was one of the leaders of the Music Teacher’s Association in her city. Throughout her life, Ms. Constantine has received professional instruction in the spectrum of instruments including: piano, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, violin, guitar, percussion, and more. She was taught the art of teaching by Lisa Azar while she was still under her musical instruction when she was just 13. By the age of 14, she began teaching private lessons. When she turned 15 she joined the city’s jazz band, playing the keyboard. Her whole life she has participated in performances, recitals, shows, and concerts, as she furthered her musical education and experience. She has also donated her time and worked pro bono to further the music education in her hometown. Since then, she has composed multiple works, as well as created specialty lesson plans for early childhood piano instruction. Theatre Instructor and Vocal Coach, for over 10 years, Ms. Constantine has been coaching and instructing groups of students and classes in stage performances, choirs, skits, short plays, and vocals. She has traveled to teach a variety of classes and groups who have performed at conventions in Quebec, Canaca; Destin, Florida; Gulfport, Mississippi; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Arkansas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and more.


Michelle A. Welp, vocal instructor

Mrs. Welp got her start singing in choir at school and church in middle school and discovered her love for music. From there she began participating in musicals and show choir through high school and in local acting groups. Her favorite characters to portray were Golde in Fiddler on the Roof and Sr. Robert Anne in Nuncrackers. While attending Oakland City University, her college choir performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City under the direction of composer John Rutter.

During her 11 years of teaching, Mrs. Welp has had students and choirs attend local contests such as Solo & Ensemble and receive high scores resulting in silver and gold ratings.

Mrs. Welp holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Oakland City University and a Masters of Education from Indiana Wesleyan University.

She currently teaches K-8 music at St. Michael School in Louisville, KY. She also cantors at Holy Family Catholic Church.

Mrs. Welp lives in New Albany, IN with her husband and high school sweetheart, Adam, and their two children, Benjamin and Emma.


Maxwell Main, guitar instructor


Max fell in love with playing the guitar at age 7. He is from right here in New Albany. Max brings a passion to share the joy of music, along with a solid foundation of music theory, and proficiency. His goal when teaching is to balance technical skill and creativity in a way that is fun and motivating for the student. 




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